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Thank you to all the parents who voted Dr. Sanford as a Favorite Kids’ Doc for the Dec 2019 issue of New Jersey Family! This is his 6th year receiving this honor!

Let It All Hang Out Festival August 23-25

Ever Wonder what Dr. Sanford does in his free time, he transforms into Dr. B. & plays the harmonica.  He'll be performing Friday, August 23rd at the Let It All Hang Out Festival.

Nominated NJ Favorite Kids' Doc 2019 

Thank you to all our "AWESOME PATIENTS" this is an honor!

NJ Monthly's Top DENTIST 2019

We are proud to announce that Dr. Sanford was recognized as one of the Top 624 Dentists in the July 2019 issue of NJ Monthly! This is Dr. Sanford’s 6th year! Congrats! 

Dr. Robert Sanford & Tim Pino

Dr. Sanford & Tim Pino running for the Somerset County Sheriff at Soriano's at Parkside! Great Evening!

Sanford Orthodontics Celebrates

National Children's Health Month

February is National Children’s Health Month and that means that Bridgewater Orthodontist, Dr. Robert L Sanford has been visiting the Bridgewater schools around the district to educate students about the importance of good oral hygiene and the role braces play in achieving optimum dental health.  He was recently featured in February issue of “TheBReeze”.

Dr. Sanford has developed new videos & interactive visual techniques for flossing and brushing which he shares with the children.  His presentation includes three student volunteers, Mr. Cuspid, Ms. Gums & Mr. Bicuspid who assist him in demonstrating proper flossing to maintain good dental hygiene for healthy gums and teeth.  His tooth brushing technique called “Roll, Wiggle and Whisk”, is a big hit with the children and their teachers, he demonstrates how to “ROLL” the brush over the teeth, “WIGGLE” their bristles between the teeth and the “WHISK” the plaque off. Dr. Sanford finishes his presentation with a travel toothbrush distributed to each child.

Dr. Sanford enjoys making National Children’s Dental Health Month a fun & unique experience for each child.

2018 NJ Family-Top Favorite Kids’ Docs

Sanford Orthodontics is proud to announce that Dr. Robert L. Sanford has been again recognized as a “NJ’s Top Favorite Kids’ Doc” in the New Jersey Family’s December 2018 issue.  He was awarded this honor due to his expertise and dedication to his profession, by being nominated exclusively by his patients Moms and Dads!

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