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February is National Children’s Health Month and that means that Bridgewater orthodontist, Dr. Robert L. Sanford will be visiting several Bridgewater Schools around the district to educate students about the importance of good oral hygiene and the role braces play in achieving optimum dental health. It is a program that Dr. Sanford has been a passionate participant in for the last 25 years.
Dr. Sanford has developed interactive visual techniques to flossing and brushing which he shares with the students to maintain good dental hygiene. His presentation has three student volunteers, Mr. Cuspid, Miss Bicuspid and Mr. Gums who assist him in demonstrating proper flossing to maintain healthy gums and teeth. His tooth brushing technique, “Roll, Wiggle and Whisk” is a big hit with the children and their teachers, he demonstrates how children should “Roll” the brush over their teeth, “Wiggle” their bristles between the teeth and then “Whisk” the plaque off. Dr. Sanford finishes his presentation with a travel toothbrush distributed to each child.

Dr. Sanford looks forward to making National Children’s Health Month a fun and unique experience for each child.

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