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Brighten your SMILE with GLO!

A NEW at home Professional Teeth Whitening System is now available at Sanford Orthodontics! GLO (Guided Light Optics) technology is the only revolutionary patented whitening system that uses controlled warming heat in a one-size-fits-all closed system mouthpiece, which accelerates the whitening process. No Impressions, you get optimal whitening without the messy trays!

The new G-Vial whitening applicator is designed for faster, easier, and more targeted application. The GLO mouthpiece is latex free and there is no UV light; it is a blue light from LED’s. The light and heat accelerates the reaction of the whitening gel, producing more whitening oxygens over a short period of time for the optimal white smile.

Whether it’s your first day of school, starting a new job, a reunion or a wedding, a whiter smile will boost your self-confidence and empower you. Call today and inquire about how you can obtain the GLO whitening system.

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