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NEW Colgate Whitening 

Simply beautiful whitening is so beautifully simple!

Just 10 minutes a day for 10 days is all it takes!

It’s that SIMPLE!

A NEW at home Professional Colgate Teeth Whitening System is now available at Sanford Orthodontics!  Get a brighter smile with this patented advanced innovative whitening system.  It’s hands-free, comfortable, fast, safe, reusable and clinically proven to whiten teeth.  At the touch of a button in the privacy of your own home, the silicone mouthpiece, using a formulated whitening gel, initiates a precise controlled electric current that activates the oxygen in the whitening gel for optimal whitening.  No impressions and without the use of messy trays!

Whether it’s your first day of school, starting a new job, a reunion or a wedding, a whiter smile will boost your self-confidence and empower you. Call today and inquire about how you can get started with the Colgate whitening system.

Keep Your Smile-White & Bright

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