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We have a WINNER April 2019

How many EGGS? 

Congrats to Alexa who guessed the exact number of 38 "EGGS" in the jar! Alexa won a $25 AMC movie card!

We have a WINNER March 2019

How many GOLD COINS? 

Congrats to Aubrey who guessed 173 "GOLD COINS", the actual amount was 177 in the jar! Aubrey won a $25 AMC movie card!

We have a WINNER February 2019

How many HEARTS?

Congrats to Mihir who's a 2 time winner, this month he guessed 157 "HEARTS", the actual amount was 161 in the jar! Mihir is going to the movies again with another $25 AMC movie card!

 We have a WINNER


Congrats to Mihir who guessed 127 the exact number of "Chap Sticks" in the jar for our January 2019 contest! Mihir won a $25 AMC movie card!

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