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Going back to school can be an exciting time for most children. However, it can be a strange time for students who recently got their braces on. Here are a few tips to make the transition easier for your child or teen:

  1. Have a SURVIVAL KIT in their backpack or locker. It should contain the following items, a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, wax, lip balm, and a case for Invisalign® or retainers!
    Dental wax and lip balm are helpful if your brackets begin to irritate the lips, gums or cheeks. Taking a small amount of dental wax and placing it on the problem can help you reduce irritation. Lip balm will moisten dry and irritated lips.
  2. Stay HYDRATED. Drinking plenty of water helps remove food particles from the teeth and braces. It’s a good idea to use a straw when drinking beverages other than water. Getting teeth stained while wearing braces can cause white spots from the brackets when the braces are removed.
  3. Packing a LUNCH is the best way to ensure that the food options are brace friendly! Cut food into bite size pieces so it’s easier to chew. Make sure to stay away from hard, gooey, sticky, and crunchy foods.
  4. Have a MOUTHGUARD handy and wear it, especially during gym, sports, or band. Special mouthguards are made to wear with braces; inquire during your visit or call us to make an appointment.
  5. A TREAT always helps…a pudding, ice cream (no nuts), milkshake, or a smoothie is soothing especially on days they have adjustments to their braces.
  6. Not ALONE…Talk to your child/teen making sure that they know a large number of their friends and peers have had or are currently wearing braces. Today’s braces are much thinner and more discreet than years ago and if they’re wearing Invisalign virtually invisible.

If you have any questions or concerns about going back to school with braces, please call us at 908.722.5233.

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